Let’s Talk about the Meaning of Life

There should be choirs of angels singing and there should be a beautiful temple setting for this but here it goes:  Abandon Hate in favor of Love regardless of provocation as evidenced by every thought, word, and deed.

Easy to say, hard to do.  The benefactor of achieving that goal is not only the person but also that person’s soul partner.

And that is where it gets complicated.  We need to understand the human/soul partnership before any understanding can be achieved.  And to do that we need to understand the difference between the human and the soul.  We need to understand the types of souls that exist in Creation.  We need to recognize the part mortality of the human and immortality of the soul plays into this calculus. We need to understand that the souls who partner with us humans are not all interested in our human actions and do not take any responsibility for how we act. And so on.

Over time I will be trying to help explain and expand on these concepts and many more that are written down in A Million Monkeys – written down as best I could.


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