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By Dennis Patrick Treece

The Crown of Happenstance

On its surface this book is about a search for something that may or may not even exist. It is known by many names but the most common is The Crown of Happenstance, and it is rumored to confer god-like powers on whoever wears it.  Many rich and powerful rulers on Earth in 1000 BCE are after this Crown for all the obvious reasons, chief of which is to dominate every other ruler who is looking for it.  But they are not the only people looking for this Crown.  A brilliant race of people from another version of Earth have heard stories of it and what it can do and they also want it.  These people, from a very old race of technocrats, already have, through science, what the people of Earth would call god-like powers.  They want the Crown for what their science cannot provide – a way of visiting and using the magic of the non-physical parts of Creation.  They dream of this Crown giving them the ability to use thought-creation to further advance their civilization. These visitors to this Earth are from Shonak, and have established an outpost on Earth to conduct the reconnaissance necessary to find the Crown.  During the sixteen hundred years they have been on Earth they have not found it, or even any clues as to where it may be found.  Some of their deep thinkers theorize that the short-lived people of Earth have possibly invented stories about this Crown to give people a ray of hope against their decidedly dangerous and difficult lives.  Frustrated at their lack of progress in finding it, or anything else of use to Shonak, they have sent their go-to-guy Bon to bring the mission on Earth to successful conclusion.  Bon finds young Atsa, a native of Earth, to help him find the Crown.  Atsa lives in a Pueblo village in the Desert Southwest. The joint adventures of Bon and Atsa become legend and at the end of their time together both can claim a measure of success. While they pursue the Crown they are under the constant scrutiny of another race entirely.  Not of this Earth, or Shonak, this third party might rightly claim they are children of the Universe.  They are alternately called “spirits” or even “souls”.  They share an interest in the search for the Crown of Happenstance but they see it in a totally different way.  And in the end, it is their vision that really matters.

Other Books

A Million Monkeys

Dennis Treece explains the way this material came to him then narrates the unfolding story of how it all works, how life works, how death works, what human suffering is all about and why it is so common.  In the telling, this book provides the answers to life’s most fundamental questions. Ever wonder what you are here for, what life is all about?  Not just your life, but everybody’s?  How did it all begin and why? Most people accept that they have a soul but what is the nature of the human/soul partnership?  What do you get out of it, and what does the soul experience and learn from it? What are souls, anyway?  Who are they?  Keep reading.  You will learn the true nature of Heaven and Hell, what happens when we die, and what the Divine Plan is all about.  All that and more.  This book is a must-read for everyone who claims a piece of the human condition.

It’s About Time

A curious time shift takes Bon and his planet, Shonak, on an expedition into the nature of Time itself.  It also sets the stage for open interaction between Shonak and Earth, which until the “shift” was the Earth of 1000 BCE.  Suddenly, inexplicably, Earth was thrust forward in time by 3210 years.  Now a modern, technical world,  Shonak can finally relate to the people and can have an open relationship with them.

While the time shift on Earth was indisputable, nothing of the sort happened on  Shonak. Strangely enough though, Shonak’s  surveillance of Earth captured every moment of those “new” 3210 years, while no one on Shonak had any memory of these new years.  “Impossible” they all say!

This book takes you through more than six hundred years in the life of Gold Bon, as he tackles the issue of the time shift, Shonak’s  new relationship with Earth, the maintenance of their  vast, secret infotainment collection apparatus on Earth, an alien space incursion, the discovery of intelligent life on another of their sister planets, the fielding of gunships in space with Earth gunners, and the things Shonak does to improve life on Earth.

And at the end of it all you might say it was about Time.

Bot Dairies

The fifth cousin planet to Earth, Shonak, has been visiting Earth since the year minus 2946 Universally Accepted Year, or UAY.  A year later, in 2945, they began to collect video and audio of Earth native activity.  This has been expanding ever since, in both scope and complexity, with millions of collectors scattered all over the planet.  For most of this time no one on Earth was aware of it and it continued even after it was discovered.  The Shonakians had by that time become addicted to watching the fascinating lives of these large, hairy, violent people, so different from their own small, passive people.  The popularity of the infotainment feeds from Earth, which they call Plus-Five, gave rise to vid-watch clubs that specialized in certain countries or regions or ethnic groups or religions, etc.  These groups grew in influence and in expertise and their ever increasing desire for details has given rise to their annual publishing of a “Best of Bot” compilation for their member’s consumption.  The major characters in Plus-Five history are well covered and are not repeated in these Bot Diaries as they call them.  They concentrate instead on more obscure details which surround these major historical figures.  For example, one of the diaries examines what happened to the Thirty Pieces of Silver paid to Judas Escariot to betray his friend, Jesus.  Other topics concern the origins of things or the impact of things which are rarely if ever covered or noticed in the massive amounts of daily infotainment feeds from their cousin planet, “up there” at Plus-Five vibrations above their own.


I normally do not buy these types of books but was hooked by the title. The writing is excellent and transports you through the imagery of the writer’s words. No judgments of the reader is made as to their beliefs and people of all faiths will find value in its message. I only wish it was longer, this is something I will read often.

– Ojii San

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