A Million Monkeys

A Million Monkeys takes the reader back to the beginning, as in the beginning of everything. It will seem to most people it’s a work of fiction but that is not the case. The author, an areligious retired soldier with no vested interest in any religion or religious dogma, was given the information in this book by an unnamed Spirit, as it explains it, “Of Some Great Magnitude”. It took Treece eight years to process this and put it into words to get it published. The first two years were spent pushing back against the whole thing then six more to translate the information into book form. The result is a powerful summary of Creation, The Meaning of Life, the nature of souls and the human-soul partnership. The book lays out how our Universe is constructed and how it works. It explains the levels of vibrational existence and thought-creation. It provides the real story of our Creator, Creation, and the Divine Plan. It tells us who we are and what we are. We see in clear terms what the Meaning of Life is. We are also taken on a journey through what happens when we die and what comes after that. Not everyone is ready for this information, but Spirit wants it out there. Many people over the centuries have been given this same information but it has mostly been cloaked in some form of religious dogma and various facts hidden as too explosive for us to see – and too hazardous for contradictory religions. Treece lays it out simply and as clearly as he knows how. The rest is up to you.

Shonak Series

This series introduces you to the planet Shonak and its amazing people. Shonak is an alternate Earth that exists at another vibration than we do, and as the series explains, there are actually six planetary vibrations in all. Earth is at the highest vibration, which enables certain things like dreams and prayer. Shonak is at the bottom, or slowest vibration, which means they don’t dream and have no concept of prayer, among many other differences. Having evolved on different worlds, Shonakians and Earthers (as they call us) are understandably different in every respect. Shonak is a completely benign planet, with no dangerous animals or insects or plants so they evolved as non-aggressive people. They are shorter than we are, some three feet tall and weigh about seventeen pounds. They are all nearly identical with brown, hairless bodies, big heads, and enormous mental capacity. They don’t dream, have no music, and have no gender. They reproduce by regurgitating an egg in their four hundredth year. Another can be produced in their seven hundredth year if the population numbers require it. They live more than sixteen hundred years and for a single purpose: to further their culture’s technocratic existence and improve their quality of life. They have no money or commerce, no politics or government bureaucracy. They have no religion, no aggression, no families, only Teams. Team and indeed social seniority are based solely on a person’s age. The oldest person in any Team and in any group is automatically The Eldest and is the unquestioned leader with absolute authority. To prevent disputes over age the exact moment of their hatching is tattooed on their right arm. Belonging to a Team and making it successful is almost their only obsession. Their second obsession, albeit much less intense than their team missions, is watching the large, hairy, violent, conflicted people of Earth as we go about our very different lives.

Book 1: The Crown of Happenstance

The Crown of Happenstance tells the story about a search for something which might not even exist but is highly desired by various people on Earth and by the people of Shonak. It is rumored to confer god-like powers on its possessor. This story details two serious efforts to possess and exploit the Crown. The Shonakian named Bon, who is that planet’s senior representative on Earth, is the Eldest of Earth Base, and is after the Crown in order to reach ever higher vibrations of existence, where, they believe, thought-creation can be achieved. They sent three scout ships capable of phase-change up to the vibration above Earth but they all disappeared. Unexplained things are anathema to Shonakians and they’re desperate to find out what happened to their scouts. The other principal searcher we follow is Atsa, a religious proto-Hopi from the desert southwest at a time on Earth, 1000 BCE, when there is no science, no understanding of Earth as a round planet circling the sun, nothing but scattered populations of people doing their best to survive. They speak different languages, have different color skin, have different beliefs and habits, and different modes of dress – all fascinating to Shonakians who all look, sound, and act the same. Bon and Atsa form a partnership of sorts to find and exploit the Crown. They share many adventures together and establish the first true friendships between these two planetary cultures. Their vibrational difference prohibits any physical visitations, so Bon remains in his Zone of Influence on Earth, safely at Shonak’s vibration, and visits Atsa using a human-looking bot which Atsa sees as a god, since he has no frame of reference for technology of any kind. Read about their many amazing adventures in search for the Crown and witness what happens when they finally find it. The surprising end to this book will enchant every reader with an open mind and a love for this genre.


Book 2: It’s About Time

It’s About Time sees the one thousand-forty-nine year old and semi-retired Bon brought back into active service as the Eldest of two Grand Teams, a first for Shonak, and tasked with finding out what happened to shift Earth 3210 years into its future with no such time shift on Shonak. One minute Earth was in 940 BCE and the next it is a spacefaring, highly advanced civilization in its Universally Accepted Year of 2270! Making this even more curious, not to mention unbelievable, is the fact that the millions of covert surveillance devices on Earth recorded these three thousand-plus years but no living Shonakian, many of whom are well over fifteen hundred years old, have any recollection of witnessing them. Clearly, Earth has experienced an advance in time and Shonak has not. Bon is charged with answering the question, “What up with that?” His quest to find that answer, and his mission to forge a relationship with the newly modern Earth, are challenges unfaced by any Shonakian throughout their three hundred millennia of advanced culture. But Bon is a rare and uniquely qualified member of the Shonakian monoculture – he has always been the odd man out, the out of the box thinker. Read how he introduces Earth to the existence of the other planets and Shonak in particular. Read how he examines the very essence of the elusive thing known as Time. Watch him deal with the scandal and repercussions caused by Shonak’s extensive surveillance of Earth. Watch him as he ages into the leadership of his planet and experience his opening of two of the other planets among the six “cousins” that are the Earths.

Book 3: Bot Diaries

Bot Diaries delves into the world of Shonak’s surveillance enterprise on Earth. This collection of short stories forms a part of the official curriculum for young Shonakian students as they learn about Earthers, essential to their understanding of us since for all their adult lives they will watch us with their various Vid-Watch Clubs, specializing in various aspects of life on Earth. These stories represent all of the so-called deadly sins Earthers commit as well as triumphs of our spirit, our loves and ingenuity. Shonakians have no dreams, no loves, no hates, no aggression, no desire for sex or money or power. This is why it is so hard for them to understand us and it takes some educating before they can be shown even a glimpse of our lives. The learning they need is achieved through historical vignettes collected by their millions of clandestine surveillance devices. These devices, or bots as they call them, take the form of rocks, trees, bugs, animals of all sizes and birds and of course Earther human beings. These stories are shown to them in video and audio format but are reduced to writing in this third book of the Shonak Series. In them you will learn about the thirty pieces of silver Judas Escariot received to betray his friend Jesus and where they are today. That is a powerful lesson concerning the almost microscopic extent of their surveillance of Earth and its people over time. You will be introduced to the secret of last seven years of Cleopatra’s eventful life, showing intense and intrusive involvement in her life by Shonak’s Bot Control. See the invention of the stirrup and the bow and arrow. Find out what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Learn about how a Shonakian humbot influenced the life of Mozart. Like the Shonakian students for whom these stories were assembled, you will learn just how extensive the Shonak surveillance system on Earth really is and what it is capable of. You will also see the unintended consequence of it – Shonak’s vast surveillance infrastructure and their clandestine presence on early Earth does more than collect stories, it represents a staggering invasion of our privacy and also inevitably led to changes in our history!

Book 4: Earth Gets Even

Earth Gets Even is about the inevitable outrage on Earth once the full extent of Shonak’s invasive presence on Earth is fully known. In violation of a treaty between our two planets the Shonakians have continued to deploy secret bots on Earth which are indistinguishable from real Earth humans, or “Earthers” as they call us. Unfortunately for Shonak, an American teenager from Phoenix discovers the secrets of Shonak’s technology and invents a device which can detect their surveillance bots. Using what he has learned he also invents a world changing power generator, anti-gravity flight, and phase changing equipment. His inventions make him the world’s first trillionaire, but also empower him to discover what Shonak has been up to. It’s in our Fourth Millennium when the World President confronts the Eldest of Shonak and Earth finally gets its due. Rather than forbid these bots from watching us they decide to make them pay for the privilege. Their thinking is that if we’re going to be a reality TV show for them on a global scale then we can get paid like the unwitting actors we have been! The Shonakians have no experience with money in their cashless society so Earth is able to extract huge amounts of gold and gems from them, along with advanced technologies that help us clean up our air and oceans, pay for the upkeep of our prisons, get water into deserts, and generally make life more tolerable for our twenty billion people.

Book 5: Crimisle

CRIMISLE, is another collection of short stories. This time the focus is on Criminal Island, first introduced in Book Two of the series. It was designed as a place to put the world’s criminals, corrupt politicians and corrupt government officials. Shonak helped identify them using video and audio collected by their extensive surveillance system as entertainment back at home but ever so useful as evidence in the courts of law. As a result the Operation Purge trials were simple affairs, carried out in special Purge Courts, with the Shonakians providing secure transportation to the inescapable island chosen for the purpose. Historically called Prince Patrick Island in the far reaches of the Canadian Northwest Territories, it is a six thousand square mile polar desert surrounded by freezing water. To make it completely inescapable it is patrolled continuously on and under the water, and in the air, by Shonakian gunships. The first iteration of The Island lasted hundreds of years, until the criminal population on Earth was reduced to nothing more than petty criminals. At that point local jurisdictions felt they could handle the housing of their own prisoners so CRIMISLE was no longer necessary and was abandoned. Human nature being what it is, however, five hundred years later crime was once more a devastating part of the Earther experience, and The Island was reopened. The reader will see firsthand what prisoners endured during both periods CRIMISLE was occupied. Initially it was a brutal, dystopian place where survival was iffy for all inmates, regardless of the crimes they committed. The second time around it was much more civilized in the way it was managed by the World Police with their police and medical bots, but no less deadly and not much less hostile given the natures of the people who were sent there. This is a great read for everyone with both a sense of justice and also compassion for their fellow inhabitants of a crowded planet.
Dennis Treece

Dennis Patrick Treece grew up in a military family and all over the world. His father retired to Phoenix, Arizona when Dennis was in the seventh grade. He attended Cortez High School and Arizona State University and was commissioned in the Army as a Second Lieutenant in 1970. After infantry and intelligence training, he went to Vietnam in 1972, for the last full year of the war, and was wounded in action. He spent thirty years in the Army, in Military Intelligence, seventeen years of which were overseas, mostly Europe, but also Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and the Balkans. He retired as a full colonel and settled in Atlanta in 2000 where he worked for two years doing cybersecurity for banks and insurance companies.  After the tragedy of 9/11/2001 he was hired to run the security program for the Massachusetts Port Authority, with its airports and seaports. He retired for the last time at the end of 2013.

Today he lives quietly near the beach north of Boston with his lovely wife, and their dog, cat, koi pond, and garden. They enjoy traveling, dressing up in period costume for vintage dancing, playing golf, and socializing with their friends. His wife, Dr. Eleanor Ruth Fisher, PsyD, is a semi-retired psychotherapist and successful commercial artist and Dennis enjoys helping her with her art business.